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Ecotherapy and Mental Health

Ecotherapy is “based on the idea that people are connected to and impacted by the natural environment”. In turn, we oftentimes fail to realize just how big of an impact that nature can have on our mental health, and/or well being. For, it is through it that we can find a number of benefits, such as; peace and growth.

First and foremost is peace, which one is able to experience as they engage with the nature which surrounds him/her. He/she no longer feels overwhelmed by the noises that routinely resonate through both of his/her ears in crowded places, but instead are granted with a state of rest. His/her brain receives more oxygen as he/she takes in the air around him/her, and are able to further interact with various aspects of the world. This allows for peace, rather than the anxiety that comes with the constant sound of car horns, trains belting out, and/or the loud conversing of nearby masses. As a result, those who disconnect themselves from the world, and avert their attention solely to nature, if only for a brief while, can experience a plateau of health benefits.

Second is growth, which can come in the form of not just the nature which surrounds us, but the individual himself/herself as she takes in the nature around him/her. It is through watching growth take place in the various plant life, etc. that one can begin to be helpful of his/her own growth. As he/she watches the seasons change before him/her from cold winter, to warm spring, he/she may begin to see the changes reflect in that of his/her own being. The air can cause one to have both a clear and sound mind, and ease him/her out of his/her normal state of anxiety, dependence, etc. because nature can heal a plethora of things, and be an area of great result, in comparison to remaining isolated indoors.

In conclusion, individuals who subject themselves to nature may find their emotions to be more at peace, rather than feeling enraged or irritated by the smallest inconvenience. It is through such that they can further develop a sense of self, as well as patience, no matter the circumstances that they might experience within that of their day to day life. In turn, no matter what one is facing he/she can find both peace and growth simply as a result of the amount of nature that they chose to take in, interact, and/or engage with.

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