Nature as Healing from Addiction and Mental Disorders

nature mentally soothingNature has a great many healing properties and has been proven to help alleviate symptoms of addiction and mental disorders. We have long known that nature possesses therapeutic qualities, but when they are applied specifically to addiction and mental disorders, the results are astounding. This is why so many addiction treatment centers and mental health clinics recommend nature therapy and even include it in their treatment plans. Nature has the ability to calm and reset the mind, restoring it to its original health. Nature also inspires and protects mental space for reflection and introspection, which are vital in defeating addiction and mental disorders.

It has been proven in studies that one week of camping literally resets a person’s biological clock and puts them into a perfect sleep rhythm. Think about the mental health benefits that nature has, comparatively. If time in nature naturally resets a person’s biological rhythm, it has the ability to restore the mind to its most natural condition. Nature has a calming and soothing effect on people, allowing them to take a more relaxed pace than they would in the civilized world. Nature is responsible for strong feelings of inner peace within people.

Most importantly, for those suffering from addiction or mental disorders, nature inspires the kind of reflection that can help a person make cognitive behavioral decisions to change their life. Amid the chaos of the civilized world, where we build our lives, our homes, our professions and our relationships, there is very little time and mental space for reflection. In fact, our socialized existence promotes constantly being busy and not allowing time for reflection, which is not to our mental health benefit. A critical element of changing your behavioral psychology and thought patterns is personal reflection in the form of critical thinking, journaling, engaging in self-help exercises and envisioning what you want your future to look like. Time in nature holds everything that clutters the mind at bay so that you can take some much needed time to personally heal.